Poster Format


Posters will be presented as poster pages which will be password protected. Despite this, please understand that since the content will be posted online, there is no way for us to regulate copying of the content. Hence please understand the risk of posting un-published work or work you may not want to make public.

A sample poster page can be viewed at:
Note, you will need to enter the following password to see it: poster1

Similarly, your poster page will be password protected so as to not be visible to others till the event date.

Your poster heading will have:

  • Your Poster Title
  • Your Author List and Affiliations as submitted in your abstract submission
  • Your Abstract
  • A Zoom/Webex link – Note you will have to create a zoom/webex link for a meeting yourself if you would like to host a meeting for people to join to ask you questions in person. We will simply share the link on the poster page.
  • Contact Email as provided with the abstract submission.

Posters can be 1-3 panels long.

Each panel will have an image, an accompanying presentation video and some text. The presentation video and text will provide you a means of presenting the word shown in the specific panel image.

Image Instructions:

  • Images must be in jpg.
  • The size of the file must be less than 2 MB.
  • Each panel image must be a square.
  • The minimum resolution for it to appear correctly would be 1024px X 1024px.
  • We recommend you use this powerpoint template to make your panels and then save as jpg from within powerpoint to upload the images in the poster submission form. Note- The template is merely for the overall dimensions of each panel, and you are free to edit the fonts, layout, outlines etc within this template.

Presentation Video Instructions:

  • Videos must be submitted in mp4 format and describe the content of a specific panel only. For e.g. if you have 3 panels, you can upload 3 separate videos for each panel.
  • Maximum file size for the video for each panel is 50 MB.
  • Each panel video should be less than 10 minutes long.
  • We recommend to have the video of lower than 480p resolution so as to maximize the time you can speak about your panel within this upload limit. Please keep in mind, the audio quality will matter more than your video to your audience.
  • Note- Videos will be uploaded to a separate YouTube account as unlisted videos. These videos will not appear in YouTube searches or on any profile page. They will only be visible via a unique URL generated by YouTube. You can read more about unlisted videos here. After the event, all videos will be deleted.

Text Instructions:

  • Maximum of 1000 words per panel is allowed as a description for the panel.

Communicating With Visitors To Your Poster

We offer three ways in which people can get in touch with you regarding your poster.

  • People can leave a reply at the bottom of your poster with comments or questions and you can respond to them.
  • You can provide a Webex/Zoom meeting link in your poster submission and people can meet you via your link.
    Remember you will need to set this up and provide us with a link to put on your poster page.
  • We provide your contact email on the page for people to get in touch with you.