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8:45am-9:00amOpening Remarks

Session 1

Glycosyltransferases: Structure and Function

9:00am-9:45amKelley Moremen (Plenary Lecture)
Glycosyltransferase structures as modular templates for diverse glycan synthesis
9:50am-10:10amFederico Forneris
Investigating the molecular mechanisms of human collagen glycosyltransferases
10:15am-10:35amMarkus Aebi
Functional analysis of the thioredoxin-subunits of yeast oligosaccharyltransferase
10:40am-10:50am Coffee/Tea Break

Session 2

Cancer Glycobiology

10:55am-11:15amCelso A. Reis
Altered glycosylation in Cancer – insights for targeting tumor heterogeneity and novel targets.
11:20am-11:40amSusan L. Bellis
ST6Gal-I sialyltransferase contributes to early stages in the development of pancreatic cancer
11:45am-12:05pmCharles Dimitroff
Hypoxia helps drive the glycobiological signature of metastatic melanomas
12:10pm-12:55pm Lunch and Visit Virtual Posters

Session 3

Cellular Regulation 1

1:00pm-1:20pmHenrik Clausen
Display of the Human Mucinome With Defined O-Glycans by Gene Engineered Cells
1:25pm-1:45pmRichard D. Cummings
O-Glycans to the Rescue: How a Little Sugar Goes a Long Way
1:50pm-2:00pmKathrin Stavenhagen (Poster Talk)
The Mannose Receptor C-type Lectin Domain Recognizes Pauci- and Oligomannose Glycans in Cancer Cells
2:05pm-2:15pmCoffee/Tea Break

Session 4

Glycosylation Mechanisms/Pathways

2:20pm-2:40pmBarbara Imperiali
(Phospho)glycosyl Transferases Initiators of Glycan Assembly at Membrane Interfaces
2:45pm-3:05pmChristine Szymanski
N-glycosylation in Campylobacter, an old pathogen with new problems
3:10pm-3:30pmJohn Samuelson
The complex cell and molecular biology of the nucleocytosolic O-fucosyltransferase of Toxoplasma
3:35pm-3:45pmMarcelo E. Guerin (Poster Talk)
Structural Basis of Glycosyl Transfer Reactions
3:50pm-4:00pmBenjamin Schumann (Poster Talk)
Dissecting O-GalNAc glycosylation by glycosyltransferase engineering and chemical tools
4:05pm-4:15pmCoffee/Tea Break

Session 5

Cellular Regulation 2

4:20pm-4:40pmNatasha Zachara
Decoding Stress-induced Changes in O-GlcNAcylation
4:45pm-5:05pmChristopher M. West
O-glycosylation: Lessons learned from an oxygen-dependent cytoplasmic pathway of parasites
5:10pm-5:20pmVamsee Veeramachineni (Poster Talk)
Study of GlcNAc-1-phosphate transferase (CsxA) Interactions with its Donor Substrate
5:25pm-5:35pmKevin Chandler (Poster Talk)
β-catenin/CBP Inhibition Alters FUT2/3 Expression and EGFR Fucosylation in Head and Neck Cancer
Close of Day 1 

Session 6

COVID-19 And Viral Glycobiology

9:00am-9:20amMax Crispin
Site-specific Glycan Analysis of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike
9:25am-9:45amJoseph Zaia
Quantifying changes in spike protein glycosylation during viral evolution
9:50am-10:10amParastoo Azadi
Glycosylation of the Coronavirus Spike protein & its Receptor Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2
10:15am-10:25amCoffee/Tea Break

Session 7


10:30am-10:50amAnne Dell
High Sensitivity Glycomics: Applications To Research On Cancer Vaccines And Pre-Term Birth
10:55am -11:15amTimm Fiebig on behalf of Rita Gerardy-Schahn
Bacterial capsule polymerases tools for the production of nature-identical vaccines
11:20am -11:40amYuanyuan Ruan
GFAT1 Promotes Stemness And Tumorigenesis Of Pancreatic Cancer Via Activating β-Catenin Pathway
11:45am -11:55amKiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita (Poster Talk)
Introducing GlycoSim for online simulations of glycan biosynthesis processes
12:00pm -12:10pmKan Ding (Poster Talk)
Glce deficiency leads to depression-like behaviors in mice by regulating neurite outgrowth
12:15pm -12:25pmRichard R. Drake (Poster Talk)
Applications of novel alpha-2,3 linked sialic acid targeted bioorthogonal chemical labeling probes
12:25pm-1:25pm Lunch and Visit Virtual Posters
1:30pm-1:50pmGerald W. Hart
Nutrient Regulation of Signaling, Transcription and Translation by O-GlcNAcylation
1:55pm-2:15pmPamela Stanley
Glycans that Regulate Notch Signaling in the Intestine
2:20pm-2:30pmFathima I. Mohideen (Poster Talk)
Function and engineering of enzymes involved in the glycosylation of natural products
2:35pm-2:55pm Coffee/Tea Break

Session 8

Glycobiology – Varied Topics

3:00pm-3:20pmHans Bakker
C-mannosylation of thrombospondin repeats
3:25pm-3:35pmThapakorn Jaroentomeechai (Poster Talk)
Cell-free glycan construction enabled by a universal glycoenzyme biosynthesis pipeline
3:40pm-3:50pmNatarajan Kannan (Poster Talk)
Mapping the evolutionary design principles of fold-A glycosyltransferases
3:55pm-4:05pmLan Na (Poster Talk)
Engineering polysaccharide synthases toward size-controlled synthesis and expanding chemical space
4:10pm-4:20pmNadine Samara (Poster Talk)
The structure of GalNAc-T12 reveals how non-conserved residues dictate its function
Close of Day 2 

Session 9

Disease Related Glycosylation

9:00am-9:20amNaoyuki Taniguchi
Keratan sulfate analogues attenuate emphysema in mice models for COPD: lessons from studies on Fut8
9:25am-9:45amKevin P. Campbell
POMK Regulates Dystroglycan Function
9:50am-10:00amSalomé S. Pinho (Poster Talk)
Branched N-glycans as immune-checkpoints in cancer: mechanisms and immunotherapeutic applications.
10:05am-10:15amPi-Wan Cheng (Poster Talk)
High mannose N-glycans formed by altered Golgi targeting of glycosylation enzymes as a cancer marker
10:20am-10:35am Coffee/Tea Break

Session 10

Regulation of Glycosylation 1

10:40am-11:00amJin-ichi Inokuchi
Homeostatic and pathogenic roles of GM3 ganglioside molecular species in TLR4 signaling
11:05am-11:25amFu-Tong Liu
Galectins and Innate Immunity
11:30am-11:40amSayad Md. Didarul Alam (Poster Talk)
N-glycans on EOGT facilitate its maturation and peripheral ER localization
11:45am-11:55amSonali Sunsunwal (Poster Talk)
Dissecting the molecular determinants of flagellin glycosyltransferase activity in Clostridium spp.
11:55am-12:25pmLunch and Visit Virtual Poster

Session 11

Regulation of Glycosylation 2

12:30pm-12:50pmHakon Leffler
How do galectins “read” N-glycans in solution, on glycoproteins, at the cell surface and inside cell
12:55pm -1:15pmKaren J. Colley
Unique Requirements for Polysialylation of NCAM, Neuropilin-2 and SynCAM-1
1:20pm -1:40pmRobert S. Haltiwanger
Biological Function Of Two Novel Protein O-Glucosyltransferases
1:45pm-1:55pm  Closing Remarks
Close of Day 3 

List of Poster Presenters

Aasawari Khairnar
Akul Y. Mehta
Ana Cindrić
Ana Cvetko
Barbara Eckmair
Benjamin Schumann
Bryan D. Chatterton
Chao Cai
Cristina Di Carluccio
Daniel Bojar
Daniel Mattox
Fathima I. Mohideen
Gavuthami Murugesan
Iwona Wojcik
Jianguo Gu
Julia Costa
Kan Ding
Kathirvel Alagesan
Kathrin Stavenhagen
Kayla R. Bastian
Kenjiroo Matsumoto
Kevin Chandler
Kiyoko Aoki-Kinoshita
Krzysztof Mikolajczyk
Lan Na
Marcelo E. Guerin
Marzia T. Venuto
Mathieu Decloquement
Matthew Saunders
Maxence Noel
Melanie R. Walker
Mitsutaka Ogawa
Nadine Samara
Nitin Supekar
Olga O. Zaitseva
Pi-Wan Cheng
Rahil Taujale
Richard Drake
Rosa Ester Forgione
Ryan Griffiths
Salomé S. Pinho
Sarah A. Martin
Sayad Md. Didarul Alam
Sayantani Chatterjee
Shuji Mizumoto
Sonali Sunsunwal
Tea Petrović
Thapakorn Jaroentomeechai
Thomas S. Klarić
Tiago Oliveira
Toma Keser
Vamsee Veeramachineni
Xiaoxiao Guo
Yicheng Wang
Zhijue Xu