Website Login Information Sent

June 18, 2020

Dear All Attendees,

      If you have registered for the GlycoT 2020, we have sent out login information for the website to the email addresses entered during registration.

This login will allow you to:

  1. View abstracts
  2. Visit posters and discuss on the posters
  3. View special announcements meant for attendees only

If you have registered but not received an email:

  • Please check your junk/spam folder and you may need to contact your IT administrator to whitelist our email address [email protected]
  • Alternatively, you can try to request for a password reset link as follows:
    1. Before you begin, please add our email [email protected] to your contacts so that you do not miss the password reset link.
    2. Go to the login page by clicking on the login button the website at the top right corner.
    3. Then click on the “Lost your password?” link at the bottom of the form.
    4. Enter the email address you have provided to us as all lowercase (no caps), to request for a special link to set your password.
    5. Another email should arrive (within 1 hour) with the password reset link which will allow you to set a new password.
    6. Once you have set the new password, use your email id (all lowercase) and your new password to login.
  • If the above two methods fail, please contact us.

We hope you enjoy the meeting.

GlycoT Organizers.

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